Digital Solutions

Brand Audit

We prepare a comprehensive digital brand audit for your organization to identify opportunities for improvement and growth online in the digital space. At Owlit Lab, we analyze your website and social media platforms and prepare a competitor analysis to find ways to make your business stand out. We also look at your search engine optimization (SEO) and social media metrics to provide a benchmark for improvements.

Design and Development

Our Product Design team at Owlit Lab leverages heuristics and design patterns to improve your websites and user interfaces. Our human-centered approach ensures users interact with products that are effective and efficient. A well-designed product provides an exceptional user experience that leads to customer satisfaction, higher conversion, and increased retention.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Our certified digital marketing team collaborates with your team to maximize your marketing efforts by creating effective strategies that revitalize your company’s marketing efforts. At Owlit Lab, we develop social media strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, content strategies, email marketing strategies, and comprehensive digital marketing strategies for all digital channels. Our strategies will help to increase engagement, increase conversion, and improve brand reputation. We utilize research, data analysis, and current techniques — understanding that ROI is crucial to our clients.

Local SEO and Reputation Management

Customers are always searching for a business online to solve their immediate needs using voice-activated devices, GPS, and Google Maps. If customers can’t find your company, they will go to your competitors. At Owlit Lab, our team helps put you in front of your local customers and help your business stand out and grow within a competitive local marketplace. We increase visibility, engagement and drive search to your local listings. Owlit Lab will also monitor and manage your brand’s online reputation to protect your brand representation.

Product Management

At Owlit Lab, we help you identify your product’s market fit and your product’s unique selling proposition. We assist our clients with product strategies that consider organizational capabilities, user needs, design systems, and technology to turn vision into reality and expedite the delivery of business objectives. We provide tools within all stages of the product lifecycle.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our tailored process will remove the complexity of SEO from your hands and generate great results for your business. When organizations properly implement search engine optimization, it increases their brand’s exposure, attracts new audiences, and promotes long-term growth. At Owlit Lab, we convert your online visitors into customers. We will improve the quality of your website and attract potential customers by increasing organic and paid traffic to your website. We work towards attracting the traffic that matters—making our clients’ company competitive.

User Experience Design

We design user experiences that meet your users’ needs while balancing your business goals. We identify pain points and user behavior which leads to opportunities for improvement. We conduct research, evaluation, and usability test in solving critical problems that may provide a negative experience for our clients’ users. At Owlit Lab, we believe a positive user experience can provide a competitive advantage for our clients.